Complete Idiot’s guide to getting published

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I read this a little while ago. I found its advice invaluable.

I have been keeping it on my shelf as a reminder to keep writing, keep working on publishing such works as opposed to rolling over and keep napping, keep brushing out the kittens or keep scrubbing those lovely ones' litter boxes.

However, I decided at long last it is time to get going, stop lollygagging in Lala Land.
Please know, fellow denizens of the world writ large, this author Sheree Bykofsky provides ample information to get your mark out there - to get your say out when it is not just on the Internet! You can do something a little more l33t than stuffing handwritten pamphlets in mailboxes, though I'm not looking askance at any of our politician colleagues who want us to vote this way or that, maybe even for the opposite party next term.
The way to get your thoughts known is through following the guidelines in this book and/or via some of the other books out there on how to get published. I have read many of those books of political opinions and have observed how particular reasons make opinions change to their polar opposites. But that is neither here nor there. We are reviewing a lovely publication book here which I approved of, and I think you will too if you know what you're looking for.

I generally avoid the Complete Idiot's Guide series, because I do not identify as a complete idiot, but I peeked into this work just to prove to myself that I do not like or need the Complete Idiot series, and...

I proved myself totally wrong, I thought it actually had some pretty good data to share. And this well-organized tome is actually a published book from a reputable publisher (Alpha the Internet suggests - they publish Pandy and Friends; let's focus on their English offerings - Upper Intermediate and Adult. Literature for the classroom. Um... back to the review), so I think that this text has something over all the self-publishers out there. I don't think there's anything bad about the self-publication route! It just sounds like publishing by yourself gets pricey, so only a little may get out, especially by the third and fourth printings, if your work has generated enough of a fan basis by that point.

So although I did not use this to get published (view spoiler)[(it basically offers what I found to be quotidian advice about querying the right niche publishers for your interests) (hide spoiler)] I did step out of my comfort zone and get amply rewarded. Other reviewers have commented it has a nonfiction bias, which may be so.

You didn't specify you wanted to write fiction though, did you You just said you wanted to publish.

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