Complexity The Breakthrough Formula for Solving Just About Anything Fast

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Complexity... speaking of it in the terms in which the Santa Fe Institute defines it...

... to me is the only way we can understand how reality works... probably not all, who in the world will ultimately understand what is a moment and why is the flying polen of a flower making us having hay fever in a realty we barely perceive, less understand (if one or the other thing ARE)...

What I want to say is that we could really give it a try through Complexity and Adaptive Complex Systems...

Well... I don't even know what I'm writing exactly (I do, but the subject is so extensive and awesome)... if you are having problems for a grasp of fresh air because you don't understand WHAT IS GOING ON ON THE WORLD TODAY, doesn't matter if you're a CEO, genius, linguistic, employee, citizen of the world or any nation, want to have a morale (or not), or are looking to understand physics in order to have A SENSE OF SOMETHING IN THIS LIFE... remember this quote:

"Paralysis in this situation is the likely outcome; what always worked is no longer working, and making a major shift midgame feels impossible. Complexity does that to you: you knew what you were doing, but what used to work doesn't anymore" -Cracking Complexity-

Want a real answer on HOW NOT TO BE PARALYZED like a flashed rabbit on coyotes (wolves, bear, climate change, fires, floods, geo political complications) ground... READ THIS BOOK for YOU to take action and not only feeling good you don't contribute to evil (do not make it worse) but to be an actor of change on a Complex Adaptive System... your society, your environment.

You can apply this quote to your personal life, your university, work or any problem in which you cannot see a solution... please READ THIS BOOK... it will help you understand where humanity is going. If you want to know more PLASE read more about Complexity and the concepts developed, and being developed, in the Santa Fe Institute and many others institutes in the world, I guess, but right now I only know this one.


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