confession of mask

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An autobiographical novel about a boy struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in wartime Japan, Confessions of a Mask reflects on what it means to conceal desire and deviance while coming of age. The novel follows Kochan, a queer male, from birth to young adulthood as he realizes and reckons with his sense of difference from most boys. Influenced by the work of French modernists, the novel forgoes conventional plot and instead fictionalizes the author's personal history. In precise, elevated prose, Mishima sketches Kochan's interiority with great sensitivity over the course of a few hundred pages. The author-narrator focuses on his childhood in the novel's first half, his teenage years in the second; a failed romance with a friend's sister structures the last third of the story. Disturbing sadomasochistic fantasies, art criticism, and philosophical musings recur throughout the book, and the Japanese political climate is periodically referenced but not considered at length. Moving and well worth reading.

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