Conjure Women – Afia Atakora

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My first five star book of the year and a first novel to boot. Many years back I read a book, The Healing, that made a huge impression and a book I have never forgotten. This is another book that I would place in that class, another never to be forgotten story.

With nary a misstep in plot, tone or character develop, Atakora takes us to a slave holding plantation in the South. The book covers the period before the Civil War and after. What makes this book so special is that I didn't feel like an observer but was drawn into the story, feeling as if I were a part of what was going to happen.

The story follows a slave conjuring woman and her daughter Rue, which is also my granddaughters name) and the last mistress of the house Verita. After the
war, the slaves stay on at the plantation, now ownerless, and their lives take many twists and turns. Their lives during slavery was often beyond terrible and after, the freedom they have still enactes a high cost. So many things happen in this book, the details, descriptions are incredible, all serve to make this a compulsive read.. Definitely will go on my favorites shelf, and it will take a strong contender to displace this for my favorite of the year.

The ending, though surprising, was just about perfect.

ARC from Edelweiss.

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