Connect First – Melanie Katzman

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More than just a business book, Connect First is a "must read" for anyone who interacts with other human beings. Whether you work for a business or nonprofit, volunteer with a charitable organization or are a member of a team or club, this book is for you. Each of the 52 short chapters highlights an important lesson in treating people with dignity, respect and empathy. Beyond the lessons of academia, this book helps you tap into your humanity for greater happiness and effectiveness. A wide range of fascinating anecdotes bring each lesson to life and Dr. Katzman introduces academic and psychological theories to add substantive credibility to the material. Connect First is written with clarity and humor and is a pleasure to read, all in one sitting or over time in small doses. Whether you're a millennial just starting out in the business world, a senior executive running an organization or a retiree volunteering with a nonprofit, this book will help you deepen your interpersonal relationships so that your team is more joyful and productive. Connect First deserves 10 out of 10 stars and I heartily recommend it to anyone looking to ignite success, meaning and joy at work (and beyond!)

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