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Language and Responsibility is delightful because it is a quick excursion that reaps huge rewards. The book is conversational Chomsky, without the formality of his lectures, but with chapters more or less exploring a single theme and variations as the intelligence of Chomsky and Ronat meander through the puzzles of language - that humans acquire them with ease, even in 'dire' circumstances; social issues around ideology; and media distortions of 'the truth'.

What particularly caught my fancy right now is his examination of 'so-called' empiricism. He argues that to an alarming extent today's scholars, in particular those in the U.S.A., have forsaken 'proper' empirical scholarship for the siren's call of a capitalist ideology that has all but eliminated free debate and argument outside of a very narrow range of 'respected' acceptability.

After starting the book in the middle, I have moved to reading it from front to cover. I'm currently on my second reading of the chapter "Linguistic and the Human Sciences."

See egajd books - read and almost read for additional thoughts and citations.

This is an excellent read!

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