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Ok - so while I don't ever think that I will be a complete vegetarian, Kris Carr's book has really helped me understand why it is vital to eat REAL food and why. With many excerpts from doctors and other allied health professionals as well as natural foodies, the science really comes to life as to why incorporating these vital nutrients that we often forget into our diets.

I have been fighting the diet struggle for years with calorie counting, carb counting, and even points counting, but this book makes it easy to understand what foods to avoid or limit and why. I think after reading this book I have a new found appreciation for eating the right foods for the right reasons, as well as taking care of myself as a woman and not always thinking that I am selfish for doing so.

It may be because as a 30 year old female, it was easy to read her writing since she is a 30 something herself and writes uninhibited as if having a conversation with you. You learn to appreciate her frank and bold expressions of her opinions but I value this and appreciate that she also expresses that not everyone will stop eating all meat or become a full fledged vegan because of her book.

Highly recommended - even if you are not a vegetarian or a vegan or a raw foodie - but you may appreciate it even more if you are.

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