Creativity Rules – Tina Seelig

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Contrary to popular belief that creativity is a talent only a few people have, it is actually a skill that can be learned ! The book is fascinating as it distilled the step by step actions and behaviour to achieve it.

I was surprised to know that there are building blocks that leads up to entrepreneurship. Think of a way a person learns to run . First a child learns to sit > stand > walk > run the same applies to entrepreneurship.

The building blocks to the innovation cycle are imagination > creativity > innovation > entrepreneurship .

In each step of the innovation cycle there is a pair of action and behaviour that is required

1.Imagination is envisioning something that doesn't exist
-Action : engage - be curious and open to opportunities, your field of work . By being curious we are more open to possibilities and will strive to learn more . Only through Engagement can we find if we are passionate about something

-Behaviour: envision - imagine what could be . Ask questions ok what might be . Catch is don't feel discouraged if you don't get the answer immediately as it is normal to come up with the answer after thinking about it for a time

2.Creativity applies imagination to address a challenge
-Action: experiment - try little experiments to see what works or not
-Behaviour:Motivation - fuels you to keep on experimenting

3.Innovation uses creativity to find solutions to problems
-Action : focus - focus on the problem
-Behaviour: Reframe - look at the problem at a different view point

4.Entrepreneurship is about scaling ideas and inspiring others to imagine
-Action : inspire - inspire others on your solution so that they are onboard to make the change together and scale it

-Behaviour: persistence- you need to be persistent at this stage to grow the idea

Really enjoyed this book and definitely 1 that I will get for my own book shelf

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