Мэри Поппинс / Mary Poppins

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I didn't expect to like this book, from what I have read the books in this series #4, #5, and #6 are extra stories that happen at some place between #1 and the end of 3# that the author decided not to use, well I am thankful someone decided to publish this, it is short but lovely. This is a single episode, in which the inhabitants of Cherry Tree lane discover that an uninhabited house next door to the Banks home has a new tenant. The worst case scenario happens and Mr Banks childhood Nanny (The Holy Terror) moves in. Not only is this bad news for Mr Banks but The Holy Terror has brought a young boy called Luti from the South Seas to 'teach' but mainly be her slave. Luti gains everyone's respect and we really felt for him and what he was taken from throughout the book.

There is a very magical encounter with the man in the moon and as always Mary Poppins in her reserved way is loving and does what is right.

It is a coincidence that the horrible Nanny in this series is called Miss Andrews, in fact I did misread this at one point as Julie Andrews, although this does seem likely as P.L. Travers disliked the Disney version so much she refused any more films be made, I think Miss Andrews appearance in book 2 predates the film, will have to look that one up.

This short book is certainly worth reading, although we are saving #3, with Mary Poppins final departure until last.

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Mary Poppins