Dangerous Personalities

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What an impressive and cracker of a book, it took me most of the day to read this one and its just brilliant, what amazing read and an amazing book. There are 4 personality types, paranoid, narcissistic, predator and emotionally unstable. How many times have you met someone and your gut instinct has kicked in and you know there is something not quite right with them but you cant put your finger on it. Well this is the book for you, it digs deep into the reality of people around you and teaches the reader to use power of observation, watch their behaviour as you can never tlel what you let loose in your and then found out too late when the damage has been done. Its brilliant in that is shows you how to assess flaws in a character or personality, both on a emotional and physical level. If you are a law student studying criminology then this book is a invaluable tool, it certainly opened my eyes to the people who walk in and out of our lives. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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