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I read this at a perfect time and it was just what I needed. I'm going to be candid and say that lately, in the past year or so, I have been struggling with balance. I have believed it to be more of a work-life balance but I now realize that I haven't been balancing my personal life very well either. I realize it all sounds cliché but in the effort of trying to "do it all", I probably wasn't doing any of it to my full potential. I knew I wanted to eventually read this book and that I wanted to make some changes so with this New Year started, I decided to pick this up.

Overall, this book was relatable and helpful. It outlined some ways to make a change and also gave examples of how we could be doing things wrong at detriment to ourselves. Lysa Terkeurst is also extremely relatable and humorous so the messages she puts out do not feel like she believes she's 'holier than thou'. I believe she is trying to help people and I believe this book is a result from that.

I know I will be reading this again because I did read it at a fairly fast pace (because I didn't want to put it down). I think it would be more beneficial to read this at a slower pace while putting it to work into everyday life. Next time I read this I think I will do it with the supplemental study.

I cannot wait to read more of Lysa Terkeurst's earlier works as well as books that will come in the future. I fully believe she's trying to help people and her books are her act of doing so. Definitely recommend this book, however I must place a disclaimer that it does involve a heavy aspect of faith and if that isn't for you, this book may not be either.

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