Discovering Miss Dalrymple

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I really hope the author will continue with this series because these books are really sweet!

Every time I read one, I keep musing what would I chose! What whould you ;-)

Georgiana chose the ability to find persons and things. It is only logical because her fiancee disappeared without trace. And, with her newfound ability she discovers that he's dead...

Alexander has been their good friend since forever. And also is in love with Georgiana since forever! Now that her time of mourning is at the end, he's ready to court her hoping that she'll accept and maybe fall in love with him!

But, then he finds his father's diaries and poses to Georgiana the right wrong question... and discovers something that will turn his life on its head!

This is a romance friends-to-lovers, but is also the story of how Alex will overcome and re-create his life.

I'll be hoping another book will come soon!

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