Don-t Worry, Make Money- Spirit

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Picked up this book by chance at a Little Free Library and was excited to read it, as I had previously loved Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. This book, for me, was quite reminiscent of his earlier work and made me miss his spirit very much. He just exudes so much calm, "zen," simplicity and optimism; a true spiritual practitioner. Don't Worry, Make Money is mostly a book on how to hold the correct mindset and attitude of creating abundance and achieving dreams. He focuses a lot on one's state of mind to be in an optimal place (thinking big, dreaming big, broadening your visions for success), while often stressing the point of not worrying (getting rid of fearful thoughts so you can have the courage to succeed). According to him, worrying often gets in the way of success, like a blockage. And in order to be in the flow of abundance, one must remove those blockages. He's really good at putting me in the mindset of a winner and coming up with bigger hopes for myself. I like some of his practical advice, like asking successful people for help; finding out the road they took to get to where they are. Or his take on insurance, which I had never thought of in those terms before. Other lessons I enjoyed were number 63 and 93. Per his style, his examples make his theories come to life, which allow the lessons to be easily digestible. In this little book, I feel like Carlson is sharing all the wisdom he's gained over the years and he's offering them sincerely. I really enjoyed soaking in his advice and feel like it's improved my life. Would recommend!

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