Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry by Jennifer Shannon

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Well, if this wasn't the most powerful book on anxiety I've ever read, then I don't read very much.

Unlike most books about managing anxiety, this is isn't about trying to control anxiety, or 10 steps to manage to calm yourself. This book reveals that there's actually a squawking monkey that's screaming that your mole is probably cancer, not your true self. Since this book deals with not feeding that monkey bananas (your hijacked mindset), not trying to stop panic attacks, I think it's extremely effective.

ALSO. Her idea for taking 10-20 minutes a day for "Worry Time" is freakin' BRILLIANT. My husband I are totally doing this. Instead of having worry steal all your joy for days and weeks on end, dedicate a time of the day before you're going to do something fun to worry your ass off. Reverse psychology, maybe--but it makes 100% sense.

This librarian doesn't buy many books, but I did buy this one. If anxiety is an issue for you, read this. You won't regret not feeding your monkey.

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