Don’t Stop Me Now – Jeremy Clarkson

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This book is an intersting book. This is a selection of Clarkson's car reviews from the Sunday Times from 2003-2006. This book is funny nd would be a great book to dip in and out of as each section is only 5-6 pages long. As is the standard for Clarkson the first half of each review is a rant that he then proceeds to somehow relate to the car he is reviewing. Excellent.It is more ranting than reviewing which makes it much more interesting. For example "Have you ever wondered what happened to all the engineers No, I thought not, but let's pretend you have so I can riff on pointlessly about the Victorians and how I once bought a DVD player for £850 and it's worth nothing now. Which brings me to the new Volvo S60 R. It's a bit like sleeping with the plain, boring girl when you could be shagging a page three stunna. It does the trick, but why bother" This shows how he is able to quickly change back to the review after his funny rant which is loosly connected to the car he is reviewing.

Category: Adults, Humor

Jeremy Clarkson knows there’s more to life than cars. There is, after all, a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. So, before he gets on with the job in hand, he’d like to take some time out to consider the bigger picture. Don’t worry, he’ll get on to the car bit eventually, but before he does, there’s time to learn about-

The unfortunate collapse of the British Empire
Why Galapagos tortoises are all mental
France, reduced to the size of a small coconut
Why Jeremy Paxman and the bass guitarist of AC/DC aren’t so very different
The problems of being English
And God’s most stupid creation.

And then there’s the cars: whether it’s the poxiest little runabout or an exotic, fire-breathing supercar, no one else writes about cars like Jeremy. Unmoved by official claims and uninterested in press junkets, he approaches anything on four wheels without fear or favour. What emerges from the ashes is not always pretty. But it is, invariably, very, very funny.

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