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I have a weakness for bookstores. I like to judge a book by the cover and the first two pages. Had I judged one of my favorite books, Of Human Bondage, by the first 100 pages, I'd never have gotten through. It was the raving review of the friend who loaned it to me that helped me persevere.

In SFO airport, I stopped by the bookstore before heading to security check. I had an itch to spend $15 I suppose. I picked up this book Skinny Bitch and thought it had to be the most extreme attitude of weight loss I'd encountered and while I'm on my workout kick I was curious to read what they had to say. I read the first three pages easily while chuckling to myself. The co-authors are like drill sergeants, potty mouthed and serving their message with no frills attached. I looked at the back and there was a photo of two typically attractive Los Angeles girls; one a nutritionist and the other a former Ford modeling scout interested in everything.

I thought, well this book should be entertaining and justified the potentially pedestrian reading material with the guilty pleasure my girlfriends indulge in when they buy People Magazine for flights and road trips. I quickly pulled a copy of The Economist from the magazine rack to help disguise my shame and paid my $15 while laughing (defense mechanism) to myself.

As I read the book, I was surprised the content was actually very informative. The authors were surfacing issues relating to animal cruelty, hormones and toxins present in non-organic food, and how government institutions are in cahoots with big brand food and drug industries. I flipped to the back cover of the book again; these ladies give a dime about environment and politics I was impressed. I had judged the book and the authors by their covers and ironically was very pleased with my purchase. Save the drill sergeant vernacular, the book was excellent and I finished it during my 13 hour flight back to Beijing.

{I'm a slow reader, so 200 pages in 13 hours to me deserves a gold star.}

At the end of the book, the authors reveal how titling the book was part of their marketing strategy and people should focus on the beauty from inside out. Brilliant marketing, especially because I believe the book's content is truly food for the mind. A lot of people who focus primarily on their physique could use a few gems Skinny Bitch has to offer.

I'd go vegan if I didn't just love a rack of lamb encrusted with herbs, salts and pepper! I will say that the book has helped me to read labels even more than before and to ignore the calories. I love vegetables, but now I'm eating more fruit. I'll save the meat for when I dine out, but love cooking vegetables and tofu at home especially since cooking Chinese style makes it so easy! I love that the authors tell you to eat whatever you like just as long as you remember that you are what you eat, so inform yourself by learning more about what you put in your body. The ethics of eating meat are simply a judgment call we all have to make on our own.

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