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Update... $1.99 Kindle special today! FUN - laugh out loud Contemporary fiction by the talented Curtis Sittenfeld. I loved it!

Glorious storytelling!!! Incandescent....sparklingly alive, thrilling, jam-packed with
humor, with unforgettable characters. There are so many reasons to love this novel.
I loved, admired, and devoured it.

While dazzling-fun, and gorgeously written, Curtis Sittenfeld explores important problems of family, work, friendships, couples, passion, marriage, secrets,
feminism, body issues, food, ...and how to best lead the life that you think you're
meant to live.....in the twenty-first century.

It's common in families to each get pegged with an identity.
The Bennet Family is no different: Mom- Dad- Five adult siblings: all daughters...all single.
Fred & Sally Bennet are a 'trip' of an old middle age fart couple. Easy for me to say..
I didn't have to live with Sally's shopping addiction, her racist thinking, or concern
myself with the things she found to be of such value in life. Sally Bennet has a deep investment in wanting to see all 5 of her daughter's married ...(to wealthy men of course too). Fred Bennet made me laugh often. Although he took to hiding in his home office, away from his wife, and relatives often, when he did come out for social gatherings - ( meal times and such), he had some of the best laugh-out-loud lines.

Jane is the oldest...( almost 40 years old). She lives in New York -and is a Yoga instructor.

Mary, (middle sister), and Lydia and Kitty ( the two younger sisters) live at home in Cincinnati with their parents in their Tudor house in Hyde Park. None of these sisters have ever been employed. Mary is somewhat mysterious, a feminist, and disappears every Tuesday night.. But nobody knows where she goes. ( not to worry, you'll find out). Lydia and Kitty spend most of their days at 'The Box'...a crossfit gym. - Lean & mean... lol

Liz, a year younger than Jane, often 'seems' like the oldest sibling. She is a journalist....and also lives in New York near Jane. Liz and Jane are very close. ( in age and friendship).
She's the sibling who most looks after her parents welfare - their financial concerns... health concerns, etc. Liz is also the sister who is always ready to jump for any of her sisters needs. She is good at her job..( responsible). She's a great friend...and speaks her mind. There is not a character in the story - major or minor- that Liz doesn't
leave a mark with. Liz is absolutely the leading character- star of this novel... yet..there is something 'interesting & textured' about everyone.

One of the joys of this story...is how enjoyable Curtis Sittenfeld involves us with all the characters. I promise you -- you'll remember 'all' of them - each of their names -from the major characters - to the maid you never meet. You won't even have to 'try' to remember. It's easy... giving much credit to Sittenfeld.
People you'll meet:
Fitzwilliam Darcy...world class Brain surgeon.. ( world class ego). I'll let you decide.
Willie Collins...( cousin Willie)...a technology savant. Lives in Silicon Valley-California
Chip Bingley... Emergency room doctor in Cincinnati. He was also a Bachelor on the reality TV show, "Eligible". - in Los Angeles, Ca.
Ham Ryan: owner of the Crossfit, in Cincinnati.
Charlotte Lucases: Liz's best friend
Caroline: Chips's sister
Jasper Wick: lives in New York. Long history with Liz. Attended Stanford University with Darcy as an undergrad... (Drama 101...and I don't mean in the classroom).
Kathy de Bourgh: an 80 year old icon who Liz was chasing after to get an interview with. She wrote a book called "Revolutions and Rebellions".

Once Liz did have her interview with 'Kathy'...( successful & satisfying)...
This is a what Liz talked with her:
"Liz asked Kathy de Bourgh about feminism's present and past, about whether its current prominence in popular culture struck her as meaningful of fleeting, about
reproductive freedom and equal compensation, race and gender, mentoring, ambition, likability, and whether having it all was a realistic possibility or a phase that ought to
expurgated from the English language."

Since much of this story takes place in Cincinnati, ( not all of it)...I had some fun looking up a couple of the key places visited
1. The Freedom Center ...the National Underground Railroad Freedom is a museum downtown Cincinnati. ... Based on the history of the underground railroad. It opened in 2004.
2. Skyline Chili in the Oakley district. I think if I ever go to Cincinnati, I would have to experience this restaurant. I had never heard of crushed oyster crackers sprinkled over noodles with chili ever before into his story. Could be a 'yummy' digestive concern......a favorite spot for locals.

Smartphones with matchmaking apps, paleo crab cakes, confessions and surprises, eyebrows threaded, juvenile pranks or just stupid choices....this novel is a KICK OF FUN.... (released in May 2016)

"FIRST comes K I S S I N G ... "Then comes love"... ( or maybe not)...
and then comes baby! ....( or maybe not)....
"Pride and Prejudice" ... a modern retelling.....BRILLIANT"!

Thank You to Random House ... and Curtis Sittenfeld for the opportunity to read this book early!


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