Ella Miles – Sinful Truths 5 – Fallen Love

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Once again in Fallen Love, Ella Miles has taken us willingly, to the depths of human cruelty, and the highs of what love, kindness and compassion can bring to heal one's heart and very soul.

After Siren's heart wrenching compassion and love for Lucy, Siren is suffering and hoping Zeke can get there to save her in time. Zeke is in his own hell suffering the ravages of men, hoping and wishing for help. Only be is left devastated. How will these two ever heal Will they be able to move forward Can love ever save them both, can it save those they care for the most

Just when I relaxed for a moment and my heart rate and breathing calmed, the most shocking twist happens and has me still stunned by WTH just happened!! Oh My Gosh, what a stunned of an ending, I Never saw coming!

I can't believe we have to wait for a month to read the final book of this series Broken Anchor. This is NOT a stand-alone book. You really just read the entire series in order. You won't regret it! If you're a fan of Romantic Suspense Ella Miles is and author who's books you don't want to miss!

Can you imagine this series as a movie I sure can. First Ella Miles previous series Truth or Lies ,which leads to this series Sinful Truths. We're first introduced to Zeke in Truth or Lies. Though you don't need to read Truth or Lies to follow Zeke on Sinful Truths but, I do believe you gain insight into his loyal swoony self.

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