Emanuel Swedenborg – Divine Love And Wisdom

Review From User :

Swedenborg is one of those thinkers who continues to surprise me with his level of insight. In this book, he taught me more on the "essences" of things than any other metaphysical book I have read.

Some highlights from this read-through:

Anatomy as an image of the spiritual world, going into minute detail.

A solution to the mind-body problem, mentioned offhand (our spirit/mind as the "state" of brain fibers, considered as a collected whole).

The nature of the universe as a journey of being from God through the spiritual world to earth, and then from the earth back "up" again. See comparisons to anatomy here (fibers going to and from the brain and heart throughout the body).

Love described as needing to "see" its object through wisdom, which it unites to in wisdom. This structure of purpose, means, and result forms the entire structure of being.

Amazing stuff.

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