Eric Scerri – 30-Second Elements

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I would read a comprehensive 118-element version if there is one! The Periodic Table was how I got started in my lifelong passion for science and eventually a degree in chemical engineering. I remember being nine (around that age, at least) and browsing through a children's science book and I would stare for hours on end at the Periodic Table. I even have a poster of it up in my room (beautifully designed by Thought Café and signed by Hank Green of Crash Course), which would probably tell you about just how much of a science I am.

This book was a bargain find from my campus bookstore and it was worth it! I loved reading about the etymology of some elements (I didn't know that hafnium came from the Latin word for Copenhagen!) and also realized that I'd spelled protactinium wrong all my life (I'd associated it with "proactive", whereas it's a precursor to actinium, hence proTactinium from proto-actinium.) The biographies were also quite interesting, but the print quality of my copy leaves much to be desired. I'm still giving it 5 stars, though, as it's the content that matters.

30-Second Elements would be the perfect gift for your resident chemistry nerd, or for your (inner) curious child!

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