everything happens for a reason

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I started this book in the waiting room at the dentist, which was a mistake, in part because I'm always about to cry at the dentist and also because the dentist does not deserve to witness my deep wonder.

So I did what any reasonable person should and finished this book at home in bed on a slow morning. And gosh. I'm glad my roommates weren't home because I oscillated between an ugly cry and a full belly laugh in the course of like three pages.

Kate's voice is incisive and thoughtful and honest and also breaks your heart open (I know that's not an adjective, but I'm so impressed I've given up on parallelism). Also, a good chunk of this book is dedicated to her community of Canadian Mennonites, who are consistently the best people I've ever met, so between that and a shout-out to Mindy Lahiri, we are clearly kindred.

This isn't about me, though, so please just read the damn thing.

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