fables of fortune

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This book provided wonderful insights for what effects money plays in people's life. The vast majority of Americans are hard working middle class, the so-called have-nots. There must be times we envy the super-riches thinking life must be better with more money, but this book provides new view points and stories that a simple life is just as good, if not even better than the life that a super rich would have.

One thing this book didn't elaborate is that, not all super rich families will have unbearable tragedies. There will be people who own money, estates, resources but can manage them well. And there are people who can find balance between owning a lot and enjoying their life. Maybe the author can write another book on "how to be happy when you are super rich".

What money means for you To me, sufficient money can bring me security and comfort. But how much money would one person or one household really need These are great questions everyone should ask themselves.

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