Fail-Safe Investing

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So, obviously it took me longer than half an hour to get through this, but that's my own doing - not the book's fault ;>

I found this book very interesting and insightful. It's not really an "ABC" book to financing or anything, and I do think it's probably good to have some idea of economics and financial terms before reading. That said, the book's really pretty easy to follow and understand, and Browne does a good job of explaining concepts in various ways so you'll understand.

Mainly this book talks about ways to invest and protect your money without having to spend sleepless nights worrying about if you've invested in the right something. It outlines how to create a Permanent Portfolio, which should keep steadily growing through all economic swings.

While I can't say I can totally agree with absolutely everything Browne suggests, the majority of it I can. It's best to judge his advice for yourself, but at least he writes and discusses his ideas clearly enough so that you can evaluate it.
In short, if you're not too keen on speculating and risking (or even if you are!), this is a great book!

My mom wants me to read this book;> And, I know I probably should. So, I started it today. It's a very short book, so not like it will take too long. And, it's nice to show at least ONE non-fiction book in my 2008 collection.

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