Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

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The Complete Fairy Tales: The complete collection, Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen often referred to in Scandinavia as H. C. Andersen, (2 April 1805 - 4 August 1875) was a Danish author.
All the best-loved fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen: The Tinder-Box; Little Claus And Big Claus; The Princess And The Pea; Little Ida's Flowers; Little Tiny Or Thumbelina; The Saucy Boy; The Travelling Companion; The Little Mermaid; The Emperor's New Suit; The Goloshes Of Fortune;
The Daisy; The Brave Tin Soldier; The Wild Swans; The Garden Of Paradise; The Flying Trunk; The Storks; The Elf Of The Rose; What The Moon Saw; The Wicked Prince; The Metal Pig; The Shepherd's Story Of The Bond Of Friendship; A Rose From Homer's Grave; The Buckwheat; Ole-Luk-Oie, The Dream-God; The Swineherd; The Angel; The Nightingale; The Ugly Duckling; The Top And Ball; The Fir Tree; The Snow Queen; The Little Elder-Tree Mother; The Elfin Hill; The Red Shoes; The Jumper; The Shepherdess And The Sweep; Holger Danske; The Bell; Grandmother; The Darning-Needle; The Little Match-Seller; The Sunbeam And The Captive; By The Almshouse Window; The Old Street Lamp; The Neighbouring Families; Little Tuk; The Shadow; The Old House;
The Drop Of Water; The Happy Family; The Story Of A Mother; The Shirt-Collar; The Flax; The Phoenix Bird; A Story; The Puppet-Show Man; The Dumb Book; The Old Grave-Stone; The Conceited Apple-Branch; The Loveliest Rose In The World; In A Thousand Years; The Swan's Nest; The Story Of The Year; There Is No Doubt About It; A Cheerful Temper; A Great Grief; Everything In The Right Place; The Goblin And The Huckster; Under The Willow-Tree; The Pea Blossom; She Was Good For Nothing; The Last Pearl; Two Maidens; In The Uttermost Parts Of The Sea; The Money-Box; A Leaf From Heaven; Jack The Dullard; Ib And Little Christina; The Thorny Road Of Honor; The Jewish Maiden; The Bell-Deep; The Bottle Neck; Soup From A Sausage Skewer; The Old Bachelor's Nightcap; Something; The Last Dream Of The Old Oak; The Marsh King's Daughter; The Races; The Philosopher's Stone; The Story Of The Wind; The Girl Who Trod On The Loaf; Ole The Tower-Keeper; Anne Lisbeth; Children's Prattle; The Child In The Grave; Two Brothers; The Pen And The Inkstand; The Farm-Yard Cock And The Weathercock; Beauty Of Form And Beauty Of Mind; A Story From The Sand-Hills; The Butterfly; The Bishop Of B0rglum And His Warriors; The Mail-Coach Passengers; The Beetle Who Went On His Travels; What The Old Man Does Is Always Right; The Snow Man; The Portuguese Duck; The Ice Maiden; The Psyche; The Snail And The Rose-Tree; The Old Church Bell; The Silver Shilling; The Snowdrop; The Bird Of Popular Song; The Will-O'-The-Wisp Is In The Town, Says The Moor-Woman; The Windmill; In The Nursery; The Golden Treasure;
The Storm Shakes The Shield; Delaying Is Not Forgetting; The Porter's Son; and more Others!!!!!

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