Fight or Flight by Young Samantha

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I don't usually leave reviews for Samantha Young's books. I've been working under the assumption that everyone already knows her books are brilliant, and everyone will read them regardless of whether I write a review. This stops now. I HAVE FEELINGS THAT CAN'T BE CONTAINED!!!

Funny, witty, sexy, and a little heartbreaking, Samantha's outdone herself with Fight or Flight, and that's saying a lot. All of her books are worth buying (... hoarding) and reading (... devouring), because you are *guaranteed* chest feels, giggles, an engaging story, and characters with combustible chemistry. This one is no different, but it might be my favorite.

Admittedly, every time I read one of Samantha's books it's my new favorite. #ReaderProblems

Okay, okay, enough gushing. What the story is about:
1. Girl meets boy.
2. Boy has a beard. <--- I just thought you should know.
3. Boy irritates girl (as they do)
4. Sparks fly (FYI he's Scottish, so the sparks are basically a foregone conclusion, amiright ladies)
5. Things get... interesting
6. Yada yada yada
7. Will they Won't they Does he DOES SHE
8. Dun dun DUN!
9. ... you'll just have to read it.

I couldn't put it down. Even with all these kids who claim to be mine and this husband hanging around who doesn't look familiar, I finished it in 24 hours.

I loved it, and you will too. :-)

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