Firework – Melissa Brayden

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I give five stars just for affection.
I liked Lucy Danaher from Heart Block and I was happy to see her again as a protagonist in a novella.
Also, I loved to see again Emory, Sarah and Grace.
I had to struggle a bit with Kristin. I didn't like her a lot in the beginning, but at the end she was nice and hot...
...and the rest is Brayden!

Category: Adults, Novel, Romance

The truth has many shades…

Lucy Danaher was born into a life of privilege and has always enjoyed the view from the top. She spends her days running Global NewsWire, a Fortune 500 company, and her nights at all the trendy San Diego hot spots. When the Union-Tribune decides to run a feature story on her company, Lucy’s thrilled to oblige with an interview. But when the reporter arrives, it turns out the story she’s writing is anything but flattering. The fact that she’s irritatingly gorgeous only adds salt to the wound.

Kristin James loves her job, and as a committed journalist will go out of her way to tell the most balanced story possible – even if it means going up against Lucy Danaher, that striking and stubborn-as-hell CEO. She just has one problem. No matter what she does, she can’t seem to get Lucy off her mind…

Firework (Unabridged)