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"Sensational, futuristic, smart, entertaining, twisty, mind-bending and surprising ARC reading!" I'm about to slap myself because I waited at least three month to start this book and I let it drown at the bottom part of my growing NetGalley pile. I think one day, they will send me glasses for my red rimmed eyes instead of future releasing yummy books all set to be devoured with two bites!

So welcome to the social media madness. Everybody's lives depend on the likes and visual encouraging comments they take and raising number of their followers. Yes, just an ordinary day of our lives!

The story is moving back and forth between 2015 and 2055. Future parts are more disturbing because the most elite celebrities living in Constellation (not in the space, this is the name of secluded California town.)

We're introduced with Marlow, feeding herself with her sponsor's branded drug made her look like all her emotions have been taken out from her heart and forced her act like Stepford wife meets over exaggerated botox application victim. She is followed by cameras. Her every move and every inch of her body fat are criticized by her followers. She is not happy with her marriage and now her husband pushes her to have a baby for the celebration of pretentious, fake marriage.

And when we go back to 2015, we're introduced with Orla (author has interesting name choices) who is ambitious dreamer, pushing herself hard to write her first novel but stuck with her daytime blogging job at Lady-ish website. Her roommate Floss who has no proper ability or any gift of talent to keep her place at the race, wants her help to become celebrity! (Don't stop reading. This is not KARDASHIANS' BIOGRAPHY!) And Orla starts her Instagram campaign as: "Sooo What Does the World's Most Expensive Brow Gel Actually Do One Instagram It Girl Finds Out!" (Please resume reading. It's not Kylie or Kendall Jenner biography!)

So she boosts her likes and followers and their paths cross, force them work together for aspiring and inspirational social media management.

So those three women's connected with each other and the story gets too many surprising twists starting with the unbelievable success of Floss who has TV show with Orla. And as soon as Orla finds out her longtime high school crush/obsession (she's social media stalker of the guy for years) Danny leaves his wife and appears in front of their apartment.

And in the meantime (40 years later actually) Marlow starts to dig out more about her identity and begin searching who is her real father.

The characters are vivid, lovely, sarcastic, moving and hilarious. Marlow's not on drugs version is more animated, wild ( Remember the part she attacked the girl's face like a real blood sucker!) lost woman who needed to learn about her true self and her expectations from life.

So after surprising twists and revelations later, three women meet at Atlantis (Once upon a time this place was Boardwalk Empire! I can hear Temptations' 'Under The Boardwalk' on my mind) And ending is another epic moment of this book!

As a summary: When Tarryn Fisher promotes a book on the social media, you shouldn't have any doubts, you just dive in without thinking a second! We have a brilliant new author in the literary town! Congrats! Applause! I already opened the Champagne bottle for celebration!

So my 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 for the originality, sarcasm, political, social criticism and intelligent creativity.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Graydon House for sending me this incredible debut novel's ARC COPY in exchange my honest review!


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