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I forgive you, I forgive her, I forgive him, I forgive Me ! That's how I felt when I finished reading Forgiveness by Iyanla Vanzant. She states, "When you master the practice of forgiveness, it becomes as natural as breathing." Well, I haven't mastered it just yet, but I'm working on it.

"Releasing the past restores us to the full energy of the present momentIt's all about energy." If forgiveness is all about energy, I have been extremely tired for a very long time. I agree that holding onto negative issues create negative energy which leaves you feeling tired or depressed. Sometimes, you might not even realize that is the problem.

"Throughout this forgiveness practice, you will be asked to identify thoughts and beliefs." This is where I began to become uncomfortable with the statements that were suggested to use. Let's face it, a person can talk about forgiving but when it comes down to getting to the root of it all, you really do not want to confront it.
"More than any other emotion, I know the dangerous impact anger has on the nervous system... Emotions in the body are like fuel in the car; they will either keep you running smoothly or keep you stuck internally and externally." Most people do not relate health problems to non-forgiveness. Not forgiving a person or situation that you retain in your mind can lead to harmful stress.

In her book are two helpful charts, The Energy Points Chart: shows specific locations on the body in which you use in conjunction with The Tapping Points Connections Chart: where to do your tapping. There is also a place for Journal Work and Notes. This is where you answer questions or complete statements on forgiveness: "I forgive my mind for thinking unproductive thoughts about my life I forgive myself for believing my life is a mess I forgive my mind for thinking my mother was more loving to my sister/brother than she was toward me." You can create your questions or statements that apply to yourself or situation.

"Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, somewhere in betweenyour relationship with your Source impactsaffects every relationship in your life, including the relationship you have with yourself." This statement, in my opinion, tends to be true. Your faith or non-faith has a great impact in the way you interact with others.

Ms. Vanzant ends her book with a final act: "Forgiveness Letters: The purpose of these letters is to provide you with yet another opportunity to clear your mind and heart of any lingering toxic residue." If I were to sit down and write forgiveness letters, I would be writing for approximately a week. While reading, I realized that many issues and past situations had resurfaced. I recommend this book-workbook-journal be read by all, including women, men and teenagers. It will help cleanse the soul.

(I received this book free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes only)

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