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6 Things That You Will Love About Made You Up + A Note to Francesca Zappia

1.) The absolutely charming heroine, Alex . We have another unreliable narrator here, which I absolutely loved. But being unreliable isn't a reason not to connect with her. In fact, it was so incredibly easy for me to love her. Alex was sassy and sarcastic, but also troubled and with a lot of depth. To say that she had a strong personality would be an understatement.

2.) All of the feelings . This book was so emotionally engaging. I swooned (because hello, adorable romance), cried (yep. LEGIT TEARS), laughed (Alex's snark is just hilarious), and felt all the feels. It was easy to sympathize and empathize with Alex.

3.) The schizophrenia . I don't have schizophrenia or know anyone who suffers from it, but I have read a handful of books with main characters who have this mental illness. Made You Up was a lot different and was a breath of fresh air. I also loved how Alex seemed to already come to terms with her disease, and also how she still pushed through and made mature decisions about it in the end.

4.) The super adorable and asdfghjkl romance . Miles is not the kind of guy you fall for instantly. At first he was closed off to the world, but as he opens up to Alex, you start to fall for him just as Alex was. It took time to progress (slow-burn romances are my favorites, as you know), and once it was there I was shipping these two so hard it hurt.

5.) The supportive and loving family . Alex could always count on her little sister Charlie for everything, and I loved them together. I also really want to say something here but no spoilers! Alex's parents weren't a prominent part of the story, but when they were there, you could easily see how much they loved their daughter and how much they didn't want to hurt her.

6.) The crazy twists and the ending . You'd expect that being a contemporary novel, you'll be able to see things coming from a mile away. WRONG. Made You Up had some intense twists that made me go HOLY SHIT! and want to curl up into a ball forever. Also the ending was unexpected and not your typical HEA, but it really worked. I thought it was an excellent way to end the book.

Also, a quick note to Francesca Zappia: If you end up writing a mini epilogue to Made You Up, I will love you forever. And even if you don't, I'd pretty much read anything you'd write at this point. This book ended fantastically, but I want more! No pressure.

Actual rating: 4.5 stars

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