Getting Things Done – David Allen

Review From User :

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I implemented the system a few weeks ago. I put EVERYTHING in my office in my Inbox to be processed. My husband walked in and asked "What are you doing!!" "Getting organized!" I replied. He was dubious. "Well that is not what it looks like," he shrugged. Three weeks later I feel so much more in control of my workload, my personal errands and my someday goals. Thanks to this system I haven't woken up in a dead sweat worried that I forgot to do something.

It does take some discipline. I now spend at least an hour on Sunday getting organized, adding items to my calendar and thinking about my top priorities for the week. The calendar tip had the most WOW factor for me. Once I started treating it as SACRED space, I was able to limit the number of action items I placed there making it much more efficient for me. I actually am able to accomplish everything on my daily list now.

Great book. Highly recommend for the "list makers" of the world.

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