Ghosts of Harvard – Francesca Serritella

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I could not put this novel down and read for 2 days straight only taking "breaks" to sleep and eat. Absolutely outstanding and a novel that will stay with me FOREVER!!!

Francesca Serritella, is a local celebrity to me. She and her Mother, Lisa Scottoline, have delighted readers with their "chick wit" books and columns. Francesca is real, thoughtful, open and raw. I have gotten the chance to meet her and have been awaiting the arrival of this book for years. I must say IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

GHOSTS OF HARVARD transcends genre classification. It is a psychological thriller with twists and turns, it is emotional suspense with heavy layered family drama, characters that are multi dimensional and real, it is part ghost story full of haunting a and it is so beautifully written that it takes on a lyrical aspect. While reading, I felt myself walking the scenic campus of Harvard, got lost in the historical buildings and beauty of Cambridge. Throughout reading some of the scenes drove me to tears and were so beautifully written that I had to stop reading to be able to process fully and savor what I had just read.

I loved the character of Cady. I felt she was so beautifully written and I wanted to know her. Her naivety as a freshman trying to navigate so many emotions made me connect to her. I loved how open she was with herself but it felt real how closed off she was with others.

I admire Francesca so much for not only writing this novel and persevering through the years it took to make her dream of being a novelist a reality, but also for pouring so much emotion onto the page. She did so much research and also put so much of herself into these pages and the vulnerability And the rawness made the novel feel so real.

Francesca Serritella has written a novel that I will put in the hands of every reader I see. Fans of Jodi Picoult will love the emotion, fans of Kate Morton, Camille DiMaio and Fiona Davis will love how the setting takes on its on character and fans of Lisa Scottoline will love the twists and turns and Action.

Congratulations Francesca! You already had a fan in me from your columns and our personal interactions. You are absolutely amazing. Thanks to the author, Random House and netgalley for an early read. Counting down the days until May 5 when I can share this with so many others!!!

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