(Giver 4) Lowry, Lois – Son

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Was this book awesome Heck yes.
Did I still have questions at the end Yes.
1. If there were Birthmothers then they needed sperm from males who didn't take the pill. Where were these guys
2. What happened to the original community when Jonas, Gabe, and Claire left
3. Did Lame Einar heal from the destroying of the Trademaster, too
4. Did Einar heal and then climb out to find Claire
5. Did Claire and Einar get married
6. Did Gabe and Deirdre get married
7. What happened on the boat ride that made Claire come to the coastal community
8. Why did Trademaster HAVE to be at the top of the cliff. Why can't people get out of the community on their own
9. What was the point of Book II of Claire's journey if she doesn't get with Einar in the end She could have just met Trademaster on the beach, not forgotten her past, and went straight to Gabe. The story still would have made sense without the reader giving their hopes up on beloved characters such as Alys and Einar.
10. Why did she wait so long to reveal herself to Gabe I know what the book says, but she spent her whole life looking for him and risked her life getting out of two communities.
11. How far apart are all these communities Will it one day be possible to visit each other

You would think I didn't like the book by all of the questions I'm asking, but I'm asking these questions because I was so completely wrapped up in The Giver series.

This series makes you think about life in such a deep way. It makes you think about what you would do in situations; how you would love, react, plan, and follow through on your dreams.

It led so many discussions and conversations between my husband and me. This book could totally be a movie. Classrooms would have such an easy time using this as discussion and book clubs would really benefit from it.

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