Glennon Doyle Melton – Love Warrior

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As I sit here in rehab with my newly sober shakey hands just finishing Glennons Love Warrior in one night all I can think is thank freakin' god.
My heart fills my whole chest but does not hurt. I let her look right at me and she is not mad. She and I are the same. She loves me, I know it. She has been waiting for me. I sit in front of her and she is what I needed, she is the hiding place Iv been looking for. She is not mad. Glennon is my Mary. She is my red velvet carpet. She is my candle of prayers not my bottle of wisky.
Amen! A-freakin-men. Glennon carries her pain and the pain of others with such GRIT and GRACE and then lays it out bear and hands us the most precious gift she has to give. This book is all the things we are desperately too afraid to say, it's all the ugly truths and scariest words spoken for us, she does not fluff or sprinkle the glitter over a single word, she is brave and sensitive and honest and vulnerable and scared and joyful, she is courageous, she is the canary and the warrior and the sister all rolled into one. She doesn't turn away, she is with us and we are with her, we wont turn away. Me too. Me too. Me too. We are all the same. This book is pain sneakingly heart wrenching, it is not for the weak willed, it takes courage just to read it and stay with it and allow it to take hold of you and change you all up inside, it will break your heart open but you won't want to put it back together again, you'll know your heart is better broken open and wonder why ever did you strive for an unbroken heart before. This isnt a book about pretty glossy pain, this book is raw and an ugly beautiful claw yourself out of your own skin pain. Read this book, be gentle with yourselves and with her, watch her carefully, learn from her, she knows things we don't yet know and she's sharing them with us. She is women's saving grace, we belong to her, there is no judgement there, she's right alongside us and she's holding our hands. Let's be careful with her and her book and hold her hand right back. .

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