Global Business Ethics Responsible Decision Making in an International Context

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A simple yet powerful book: a guide to conducting business responsibly and ethically. The way it should be but, as we all know, many companies and societies are yet to be fully signed-up to this ideal.

In many ways, if you or your company is already doing things ethically, this book won't bring anything particuarly new to the party, even though it will still validate what you are doing and reinforce best practice. It remains an important, essential read in any case, whether your company desperately needs to move along with its ethical journey or whether it is already leading the pack.

This book is packed full of information, a harmonious mix of theory and actionable practical advice. It veers every-so-slightly towards being a bit too academic in style or nature, which can reduce the focus of the general reader, yet it remains engaging, authoritative and concentrates on the matters at hand. The book does not resort to hyperbole or over-use of emotion to underline why a certain course of action is highly recommended. It lets the information speak for itself. It does not read like a "student politics" book on steroids thankfully. The authors acknowledge that the world of business obviously has winners and losers, a business needs to make a profit to survive at the end of the day, yet how the profit is achieved and at what cost to everybody else still is important. You can do the right thing by people in business without compromising your principles.

As is common with Kogan Page books, the reader is treated to a great, detailed index and a mass of bibliographic notes that will direct the curious towards source material and extra reading. You can dive in as deep as you like! This sort of feature can make a big difference, believe it or not, especially when you are really engaged with the book and its contents.

In short, this was an enjoyable read into a subject that, it must be said, is important but hardly going to be something you will probably actively seek out to read ahead of lighter, more pleasurable matters. It has the capability of being a frequently consulted companion, even if you are doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons.

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