Go Dairy Free The Ultimate Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies Lactose Inree Living

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This is an incredibly comprehensive and helpful book for those who are dairy free or who are considering it. The start of the book is loaded with information about why people go dairy free with many fascinating scientific studies detailed about dramatic results in all kinds of symptoms and maladies when people eliminated dairy from their diets (from migraines to acne to seizures to ADHD and more). There's excellent information on calcium, cancer risks, vitamin D, you name it. The author then goes into extensive ways to make life easier once you do switch, even giving ideas on what restaurants to visit for the most options. She provides all kinds of suggestions for substitutions beyond the basic replacements, such as finely ground nuts and garlic as a parmesan sub but also things like like finely chopped green olives since the flavor is different but gives that little punch. She goes on to provide tons of recipes for making your own dairy-free staples with a huge variety of ingredients as the bases (coconut, cashews, pine nuts, you name it) and then provides a huge selection of recipes of all kinds. The author is not vegan but provides recipes that are both vegan and non. She also takes into account other allergies. For instance, if a recipe calls for eggs she gives an alternative.

I read a digital Kindle ARC of this book for the purpose of review but it was formatted so crazily that it was very difficult to read. I got so much from this book that I am planning to purchase my own copy so I have the resource for my kitchen. Well recommended.

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