God Will Carry You Through – Max Lucado

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I picked this little book up for a song when Lifeway was closing their doors to the brick and mortar stores. I've always enjoyed Max Lucado, so I couldn't go wrong. It is mostly telling the story of Joseph and how God saw him through, but there are also personal testimonies, little tidbits of other spiritual themes. It is just wonderful! I'm so glad I grabbed it.
A few tidbits: 'But he didn't complain, didn't criticize. He displayed a willing spirit with the prisoners." "Test, test, test. The dungeon looked like a prison, smelled like a prison, sounded like a prison, but had you asked the angels of heaven about Joseph's location, they would have said, "Oh, he is in boot camp."'
If you see your troubles as tests used by God for His glory and your maturity, then even the smallest of incidents takes on significance. This one will sit proudly on my nonfiction shelves! Loved it! Highly recommended.

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