Han, Jenny-To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

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REREAD #2: February 2018
So I absolutely frikkin ADORED this book when I first read it and proceeded to order book 2 immediately and then wait in agony for it to arrive. And then (remember: SO MUCH AGONY)...I proceeded to not read it. Because my ship. My ship. Anyway I went ahead and forgot the whole thing so that's great of me. I'm only now rereading it because I own the second two books and intend to read them soon.

SOMEONE HOLD ME TO IT OMG or I'll just keep rereading this one until my heart explodes.

Reread Thoughts:
this book is so freaking cute and adorable
and all the fOOD
this is everything I need in a fluff contemporary
lowkey hate Josh and Margot (she is so callous and totally dismissive of Lara Jean's anxiety)
speaking of which I LOVE how Lara Jean's anxiety was represented. I don't think she has a disorder, she's just a bit anxious but !! I love this !! in books !! It's so relatable to have lowkey anxiety in books as well. <3
Kitty is absolutely fantastic and also Slytherin
Lara Jean is like the Hufflepuff amongst all these Slytherins it is good
Lara Jean's life is like "is this aesthetic because that's what matters" and that is such quality I can get behind
get this girl onto Pinterest
did I mention how hungry i am
omg fan


READ #1: Sept 2016
I actually love this book FAR TOO MUCH. And I am actually genuinely in a mood because it's over and I NEED THE SEQUEL AND I DON'T HAVE THE SEQUEL. I'M SERIOUSLY UPSET. I'm supposed to be a Vulcan who doesn't even love contemporary that much...WHO AM I. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME. I freaking loved this book and I'm just over here sobbing.

[composes self]

Okay okay let's talk about it SENSIBLY. (Omg where is my Vulcan soul, come back here you runaway.)

And obviously I'll just write a list of all the things I NEED TO FLAIL OVER in this book:

It's delightfully diverse! With Lara Jean being half Korean ergo biracial.
And IT HAS SISTERS. Like I seriously love sister books because I have one or four of them myself. So it's enormously relatable. Plus Lara Jean sort of has this rift with her older sister when Margot goes off to school...and it just really hit home for me. 3 I really really really related to aaaaall the sisterly dynamics in here. This is so what it is to be sisters. YA WANNA KILL 'EM AND HUG 'EM SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Did I mention Lara Jean is fantastic! She is quiet and likes to be at home and she loves baking and she knits and scrapbooks and SHE IS HAPPY TO BE HER. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD CRY!! Plus I generally find the "quiet" people in books tend to also be seriously boring. Was Lara Jean boring HAHAAH #NOPE. She was so interesting and fun and witty and also scared and reserved and just...she felt like absolutely a real person. Which is what I want to read about!
Okay it is a love triangle...but it is a downright amazing one. And it's complicated. Because Lara Jean writes letters to boys she's loved as a "let go" thing. But someone sends them (!!) and the boys get them (!!) and her sister's ex-boyfriend, Josh, gets one. In order to NOT lose face with Josh (hello, he's her sister's!) Lara Jean "pretends" to get together with Peter Kavinsky. Peter and Lara Jean are totally using each other and it's all a fake relationship...at first. But the basic gloriousness of it is: (A) both boys are interesting and complex characters, and (B) I liked them both a lot at the beginning, and (C) it wasn't a case of Lara Jean being "in love with two people". IT WAS NEVER LIKE THAT. So I loved this triangle!! Perfection!
I absolutely freakishly enormously LOVE PETER KAVINSKY. I can't breath. Someone send help. No no send cookies.
And Josh started off cool but then eh. No.
Also I kind of hated Margo, but whatever. Kitty (who is the 9yo sister) was fantastic so that makes up for it.
ALSO DID WE TALK ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD IN HERE YET This is true foodie fiction. I'm not even kidding: there is AT LEAST food mentioned in every chapter. Like meals and outings and ice cream and baking (SO SO MUCH BAKING) I literally died several times. NO I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. I had to stop reading and go eat a banana muffin and sour cream because I was starving. Curse this book omg.
ALL BOOKS SHOULD BE THIS FOODIE. It fully gets an extra star for the food. It does. I'm not even ashamed.
Also the character development!! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I just...I ship Lara Jean and Peter so bad someone hold me I'm crying. I'm a wreck. UGHGGH. But I love how Lara Jean developed over the course of the book and I loved how the book wasn't completely angsty or anything. It was just beautifully written and interesting and fully captivating.
I like it.

(Excuse me, I need to go sit down, I've fangirled too much and I don't know what to do with myself.)

(Also I want to eat.)

(Darn this book.)

Lucas smiles. "You're so cute," he says, and I perk up again. Then he says, "Listen, can you not tell anybody though I mean, I'm out, but I'm not out yet. You knwo what I mean"
"Totally," I say, super confident.
"For instance, my mom knows but my dad only kind of knows. I haven't outright told him."
"Got it."
"I just let people believe what they please. I don't feel like it's my responsibility to quantify myself for them. I mean, you get what I'm talking about. As a biracial person, I'm sure people are always asking you what race you are, right"
I haven't thought of it that way before, but yes yes yes! Lucas just gets it. "Exactly. It's like, why do you need to know"

"My favourite food is cake"
"What kind of cake"
"It doesn't matter. All cake."
"You jsut gave me so much shit for not picking," he begins.
"But it's so hard to pick one kind!" I burst out. "I mean, there's coconut cake, the kind with white forsting that looks like a snowball -- I like that a lot. But then I also like cheesecake, and lemon cake, and carrot cake. Also red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and chocolate cake with chocoalte ganache frosting." I pause. "Have you ever had olive-oil cake"
"No. That sounds weird."
"It's really, really goood. Really moist and delicious. I'll make it for you."
Peter groans. "You're making me hungry."


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