He Started It – Samantha Downing

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NUMB. SPEECHLESS. STUPID. TRAINWRECK. That's what I felt after reading this brain cell stealer, head spinner, face puncher, mind number, body hair remover story.

Let me say what I think about those DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS kind of NASSSSTYYY SIBLINGS. I hated them. I detested them because they're human disposal, waste okay I'm taking back, I think they lost humanity for lonnnng time ago. I read their traumatic family story but I waited for learning that they're adopted children and their biological parents are Lucifer ( not Tom Ellis, real one) and Lilith. But unfortunately I didn't get the revelation I expected.

Three siblings: asshole brother Eddie (yes, if you google the word a.hole you may see his picture on your computer screen.), Beth ( our crazy narrator who is talented pathological liar), Portia (kleptomaniac) one passive, peaceful husband and one small town girl wife start to one of the weirdest road trip, same route three siblings had taken when they were young and still evil. But at that time they're missing elder sister had been also the part of team. As you can imagine they didn't voluntarily to accept this trip to see the exact places where Bonnie and Clyde die or seeing a monument of old team players , nobody has any idea who they are, eating greasy food at diners and staying at the truck drivers and serial killer's best choice kind of motels.

Nope! They accepted because their grandfather wrote it at his will. They want to take their share from the inheritance. But they should finish the road trip as law abiding citizens (Yes! A jail break is a big no and rule breaker for them)

This book is entertaining dark comedy, thrilling action mesmerizes you with its snappy writing style of the author: talking by middle child of the trio: Beth: Definitely not any kind of exampled heroine: cheater, great liar, schemer but at least her inner thoughts were raw, sarcastic, entertaining. I loved to live in her brain and way of crazy thinking. Yes, I think I loved this anti-heroine so much. (My choice of actor who should play her: Amy Adams, anyone who is not Reese Witherspoon -do you realize she started to play at all book adaptations-)

Do you want to hear my other casting choices

Eddie should be played by Chris Evans (Because he was really great as asshole villain at Knives Out and he's also America's ass. Bless Captain America!) As Portia, my actor choice is Florence Pugh ( Nope I didn't choose her because she's great Amy March. Watch her performance at Midsommar! You're gonna understand clearly why I chose her!)

And I visualized grandpa as BRUCE DERN. When you read the book you're gonna agree my opinion.


Samantha Downing is one of the intelligent thriller writers who never let you get bored and captivating your attention, hooking you from the first paragraph, playing with your mind and making you kill your spider senses because you can never ever see what will come next at the story. She is at least fifteen steps ahead of you. And be prepared to get punched at the fascinating ending.
I loved her debut novel "My Lovely Wife" but in my opinion, this book exceeded my expectations and I loved this one more!

I'm doing my happy cartwheels and thanking to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing from sending me this ARC COPY and giving me the best Christmas present in exchange my honest review.


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