Heal the Body, Heal the Mind A Somatic Approach to Moving Beyond Trauma by Susanne Babbel

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As a former cancer patient I've read a few books about healing and handling a trauma, and this book is a very good guide. It explained the condition you are in after experiencing a trauma and made aware why it's so important to get out of the post traumatic situation and move on. The authors set up categories of traumas and lead you through ways to handle the aftermath in a very understandable and acceptable way which, in my opinion, is the key of having success - a lot of the other self-help books I read had more of a "you have to...!" than helping the reader to find out of its own situation at first which is somehow the most difficult part of everything and necessary for any healing.. If you're willing to follow their lead of finding your way out, I believe you're doing a good thing to give it a try with this guiding nook. It's a well-thought through but careful self-help book which I would and will recommend to everyone who faced a trauma.

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