Holly Black – (Modern Faerie Tales 2) Valiant

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What finally made me listen to this audiobook I've had for months was a Twilight secret in which someone claimed that Ravus was so much better/hotter than Edward Cullen even though he was a troll. That made me very curious so I gave it a listen. It only took me a few days to finish it. Renee Raudman reads the book in a wonderful, calm way. She does the different voices perfectly, especially Ravus'.

I remember that I had stumbled across Holly Black's website some years ago and thought of her as some "wannabe writer", I take that back now. She's a fantastic writer. Her imagination is great, her characters are modern and have depth and she uses language very well. Her style is quite fast and if you don't pay attention for a minute you might lose track but I prefer that to books with tons of unnecessary, boring paragraphs.
Furthermore I find her style very real and honest, she doesn't mind describing disgusting/disturbing things (not in a sensational way though, just very casual), for example how Lolli pushes the kitten in front of the train or how Dave and Val have sex.

What I loved as well was the anti-heroness about Val. How she shaves off her hair, gets dirtier every day and still is loved. And all the stuff about the Never, the drug similarities, such an interesting idea!

The only thing that put me off a little was the beginning when Val discovers the affair between her mom and her boyfriend. I know this is an important event to get the story started and I supposed it has happened before but it just seemed so unrealistic and weird (yes, I know, "unrealistic" might be the wrong word in a fantasy novel).

Another thing I loved was the ending. Lots of books I've enjoyed during reading them, have disappointed me with their weak endings. Valiant's last sentence was exactly right and perfectly fitting.

All in all a fabulous book about a modern fairytale.

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