hopping over the rabbit hole

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Excellent - inspirational, informative, and pragmatic from the heart of somebody who walks the talk

This is an easy read packed full of practical solid advice and words of wisdom from somebody who is walking the talk and already accomplished a great deal. There are many many "big questions" touched on, answered with an authentic vulnerability to teach and educate the reader - that all entrepreneurs ask at some point on their journey; and this book gives back to those who follow along the path - in the true spirit of taking your passion and making your journey to a better outcome, less risky and more fun - by taking practical guidance and learnings from an already accomplished entrepreneur.

This book is written almost in the style and spirit of "writing this to my younger self" if I had the knowledge experience and hindsight I have now - what would I want to know at the start of my journey. For this reason it's probably one of the most valuable reads anybody on the path but with more to do - can take something - a little or a lot from.

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