how to be an imperfectonist

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I listened to this on audiobook, and when I was done I did something I've never done before. I started back at the beginning. This is an incredible book. It is well written, concise, and helpful. After reading many books on the topics of motivation and productivity, I have to say this book stands out. The concepts are cogent and get to the heart of the matter rather than just sighting this or that useful study. I found it to be a combination of meaningful shifts in thinking and practical methods for carrying those out.

It's already helping me to appreciate the small steps I make in the right direction instead of creating huge expectations for myself that only feed procrastination. I'm getting more done and enjoying getting things done. After reading this book, I really believe perfectionism is a destructive force that has made me less productive and less happy. It also seems to me that everyone has at least a little perfectionism, but probably a lot. Can't recommend the book highly enough.

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