How to Choose a Partner (The School of Life)

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Engaging, never boring, easy to read, never dense and highly edifying.

It's not a map, not a tip-list, not an action manual. Instead, it is a series of reflections drawing on psychology, philosophy, culture and ordinary human experience (p. 13).

I love it when I read a book like this on relationships, and yet I can be gleaning wisdom on a completely different topic. For instance, chapter 2 is about Being Ready. In that chapter she talks about using our energy wisely:

Perhaps our focus currently needs to flow inwards to ourselves, because our energy needs to flow outwards. (P.17)

I felt this to be a message from God to me: Perhaps your focus currently needs to flow inwards to yourself, Ibrahim. So don't let anything deplete your energy. You need that energy to accomplish great things.

I loved what she pointed out as the positive side of being single; I'm single therefore I thrive because "I now marry the wide world". When the composer Robert Schumann achieved his initial musical success, he is said to have compared it to his forthcoming marriage in these words: 'I doubt if being a bridegroom will be in the same class with these first joys of being a composer I now marry the wide world.'

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