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"We think that God's will is found out there, somewhere in the stars. That's not true. God's will is found within. Ultimately, God's will is your deepest desire." - Fr. Manoling Francisco

What did he say
Wham! It was like a missile that had my name on it.
My gosh, what are my deepest desires
What do I really want
No, not my shallow desires.
But the desire from the deepest core of who I am.
What do I really, really want
Everything made sense to me. Of course, God's will is my deepest desire!
Sometimes, it takes years to discover this. But through the sharp scalpel of discernment, you peel away your superficial desires, layer after layer, until you touch base with the deepest desire of your heart.
God's will is your deepest desire.
Because when He created you, He planted it there - deep within your soul.

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