How to Own Your Own Mind – Napoleon Hill

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This is one of the most important book which actually helps us to understand the way we should process our mind...
This book consists of three main chapters:
1. Creative vision
2.Organised thoughts
3.Controlled Attention
It explains the difference between imagination and creative vision and how our mind become desperate to find solutions of problems if we are persistent. Andrew Carnegie quoted "Creative imagination is the workshop of soul."
Andrew Carnegie also gives 10 principles through which we can achieve our definite purpose.
Organised thoughts are important to achieve the major purpose. He explains that Controlled habits are the basis of organised thinking. Andrew Carnegie explains organized thoughts by three charts which make us understand that how we need to organize our mind to find the solution.
Lastly in controlled attention explains how can we combine all the faculties of mind and concentrate upon attaining the definate purpose.
In this book there are numerous examples which helps us to understand how people followed a simple methods and invented as well as discovered huge things...
How a simple imagination can be turned into huge success.
This book is worth reading and it is really helpful.
I would highly recommend to read this book.

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