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I absolutely LOVED this book and am kinda sad that I already finished it. Really, this is one of those books EVERY girl should have read at least once in her lifetime.

This book is so encouraging and authentic. I feel like I own the world and am able to do/achieve whatever I desire. Alexis Jones made me gain confidence and respect for myself during that book. She taught me to believe in myself and that I should pursue my dreams. What I loved most is that is was so honest - she didn't just said "girls you are beautiful and you can reach whatever you want in life", which she actually did say, but also mentioned that you're gonna fall, that you're gonna suffer, that life isn't all love and roses and that you need to get your ass of the sofa and WORK for your success.

Thank you so much Alexis Jones for this amazing book.
Thanks for making me believe in myself again and thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams - you're a real rolemodel!

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