I need your love

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I very randomly stumbled on this book and expected it to be hokey and wishy washy and weird, especially with the first phrase in the title. Rather, it is one of the most helpful self-help books I've encountered, and as someone well versed in the genre, that's saying something.

The most valuable concept I picked up from this book was the word "unstuckness." The author explains that often, when we have a strong feeling about soemthing, we can't see any other possibility. The example given was that your boyfriend was offered a job 1000 miles away. Our brains seize on how that's horrible, unacceptable, just bad, bad, bad. She invites us to try to get unstuck by coming up with even ONE genuine reason to offer true support.

For someone like me, who can become obsessive over some negative/anxious thoughts/fears, that's a helpful tactic simply articulated that I can understand and start putting into practice. For that alone, I'm a huge fan of this book. I have struggled with the need for attention, approval, validation, etc, all my life and I'm too old for that shit. At some point you have to grow out of it. I can see myself using this book often as a reference to do just that.

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