Illusion J

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This book is so much more than a mystery. I admired the quality of the writing-it has a certain musicality to it, managing to be both lyrical and rhythmic-which, given the subject matter, is quite appropriate. The writing was extraordinarily evocative and I loved the local color throughout. I really felt that I was in the locations-the apartment house, the hotel, Music Row, the carriage house, the trip to SoHo, the speakeasy. The author perfectly captures the sights and sounds of New York City. I recognized some of the locations, but not all, and I couldn't help but wonder if they are based on real places. I also thought the same about many of the characters, as Gabriele draws them with a knowing insight and wit. And like all of the best crime fiction, this is about so much more than a murder, it's about the world we live in now.

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