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Update: 4/20/16 I wrote this review yesterday. I'm still thinking about this family -and the challenges they lived with. After talking to a friend about a disturbing scene-- I have chosen to 'update' this review --to give a 'warning'.
I don't want to give spoilers --but I think its fair to say --that this book might not be the best choice if you are living with a loved one who is very depressed, or suffers with a mental illness.
That said....its an insightful book -well written-much compassion....with enjoyable -bright textured characters.
I suggest reading several reviews!

This was an engrossing look at the power of mental illness ---a deeply personal story about what happens when that power overwhelms a family of five.

Adam Haslett wrote a courageous novel allowing us to see what it's like to live with
a serious illness from different standpoints --the family: John, Margaret, Michael, Celia, and Alec.

What I found admirable, throughout this story, is blame was never a weapon ---however...through the storytelling ....( which feels so realistic), it's clear how messy and complicated it is in trying to help a person with this illness.

Very well written--( the multiple perspectives opens our eyes to what an entire family struggles with as a unit).

This is a compelling story revealing the human impact for those who suffer directly - and for those who love the sufferer.

It's not easy to make sense out of the chaos -- irrational rages -- fears --anxiety --
medications ( what works -- what doesn't ) -- depression -- denial -- feeling helpless --guilt -- shame --isolation --codependency -- feeling empty -- or manipulated --but Adam Haslett wrote a compassionate story...each of the characters warmheartedness -- and their rapport with each other cultivate an inspiring presence -- regardless to limits around bailing others out and or listening to periodic tirades.

For family members in distress....this novel is gut wrenching...yet there 'are' many moments of 'Goosie-Good-Feelings', too!

Thank You, Little Brown and Company, Netgalley, and Adam Haslett

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