increase your financial iq

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A book that breaks down the typical unknown concepts of the financial world, translates it for those who normally talk "deer-in-headlights" language, and gives out an idea of the world that you could be missing. One usually reads "Financial" and throws the book over the shoulder, perhaps even fall asleep.

"I don't care about it. I study hard. I've got a master's degree."
"I'm not stupid, I will pay my debts on time."

This book is not only for rich entrepreneurs. The average people who keep working for average wages and getting average lifestyles will stay in between the average-everything, because they've got an average thinking.

What really got my attention was the emphasis in "Lose your fear of losing." When I read this, it sounded so logical, simple and pretty interesting. I said to myself "Wait, isn't that the way things work around here" How could we end up giving out debts like crazy How could we become so dependent
Suggests good habits, creative thinking, putting on practice to learn faster; prompts anyone to start a new life.

Being poor is not to be justified, and being rich is not a sin.

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